Travelled with my family

My father and my mother could not be more different.  My dad is a jewelry maker by trade, and my mom an economist and those two facts summarize their relationship dynamic.  My mom is that typical overbearing, overly controlling Asian parent and my dad is just as cool as a cucumber.  You would  think they balance each other out.  No, my dad’s cool character gives my mom all the proof needed to believe he “does not care.”

Despite how this makes me sound very critical, entitled, and ungrateful for my family, I love them.  The thing is, growing up has forced me to explore all the ways my confusing family dynamic has shaped me to become.  The biggest of which was my temper.  I’ve always had a quick temper.  I’ve always been emotional and expressive.  I must. Expressing myself, to me, is as important as eating, drinking water, and breathing.

So, I want to try my best to communicate with my family as best as I could.  Well, as best as any Asian American could with their considerably clashing Asian cultured parents.  I mean, it’s hard enough for me to articulate my feelings in English sometimes.  So unfortunately as a kid I’ve found throwing a temper a lot easier than trying to express my feelings in broken Chinese and risk my parents not listening to me at all, because well, Asian elders don’t listen to the younger ones very well.

I digress.  One thing I’ve felt lately has been a longing for a sense of camaraderie from my family.  My girlfriend, Demi, is the middle child with 2 other siblings.  Even though she doesn’t consider herself very close to her siblings, they’re still definitely closer than my brother and I ever were.  He is 8 years younger than I am.  I’ve felt a kind of lonlieness my whole life, and only until now have I cared to really tried to connect with my family.  I long to have a family who is on my team.

Oops, I digressed again.  So, up until this sentence, I wanted to explain a brief background of my life so you’d understand why I wanted to take a family trip together.  I truly believe traveling is an excellent way to bond with your family.

On Friday morning, my family set out to explore Lower Antelope Canyon.  We arrived at around 7:30pm, just enough time to see the sunset at Horseshoe Bend, which is just a few miles away from the canyon.

Honestly, the first day was rough.  I have been living alone for years now and have forgotten what it was like to be around my family.  I couldn’t tune out all the bickering.  It’s so hard to practice patience and love with your family, or at least it is for me.  All the lessons I’ve been learning about maturity, compassion, and love- it all goes down the drain when I’m with my family.  I revert right back into a child state.

The next day, though, I learnt to ignore them and the day was much more pleasant!  It reminded me how sometimes we have to choose our battles to stay happy.  Check out this video I made for our trip to Antelope Canyon this weekend:

Hope you enjoyed this!  I’m hoping my videos will become better as I play along.


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