How to make camping easier than staying at home

Sometimes when I travel with friends, they’re running around like headless chicken, stressing about packing and unpacking for camp.  This year, my goal is to get as many friends as I can to come camping with me, so I’ve decided to create a few tips on how to make camping even easier than staying at home.  

  1.  Keep it short

    If you’re like me, you’re a normal person with a career that demands your attention on the weekdays.  So, you’re essentially only camping for a few nights.  Well, remember that!  You’ll make plenty of memories even if you’re just camping for 1-2 nights.

  2. Pack light

    You’re only camping for 1-2 nights, so you don’t need to bring your whole closet.  As a matter of fact, even when I camp for multiple nights, I tend to recycle the same clothes.   For hydration, I like to bring a refillable bottle so I’m not constantly consuming water bottles and stressing about where to dispose them.  Pack simple, one-dish meals, wrapped in foil and ready to reheat.  Just don’t skip the s’mores 😉

  3. Be Ruthless about packing light

    Think twice about bringing more than you need.  Do you REALLY need this?  Chances are, you won’t need more than the essentials.  What ARE the essentials?  It might be a great life lesson to learn how to live minimally.  For me, I only bring one outfit for day time use, one for the night, and some PJs to sleep in.

  4. Take advantage of “gear-less” activities

    You  might be tempted to take out the kayak and bring all your gear in case you want to go rock climbing.  Though those may definitely be fun, remember that it is sometimes just at fun to enjoy a simple hike (some hikes aren’t so simple), explore a new place to swim, or a natural hot spring!

  5. Co-op camping

    If you’re going with friends, sharing is caring.  The fun comes with bonding when we rely on each other.  Take turns planning different parts of the trip, or take turns planning every other trip!

That’s all I have for now.  If you’ve got any more ideas or any funny stories about the dread of packing, leave a comment below!

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