On a normal weekend

I like to hang out with my girlfriend, Demi.  That’s her to the right of me.  She shares my passion for the weekend.  She’s a bit more mellow than I but we balance each other out most of the time.  When I look at her, I swoon.  I’m looking at her right now.



Demi and Jess prepares for…

Summer! It’s just around the corner and it’s our favorite time of the year. We’re so excited we decided to skip the studying and play. 

Played with a GoPro

My friend Chris and I both bought new toys (I bought myself a GoPro) so we went on a mini-adventure to Mt. Baldy to play with them.  By the way, my GoPro is a present to myself for my birthday.  There may be 4-5 more of these “presents to myself for my birthday.”  Does anyone else do this?


A quicky to the Death Valley Superbloom

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

This arid wasteland is the hottest place on earth, boasting annual temperatures above 120°F.  Salt and rocks stretch on above oblivion.  But, beneath sun-scorched sands, lies a sleeping beauty.  When the time is right, it will rise up in an act of defiance against inhospitable terrain.  And it’s not alone.  There are others.  Thousands upon thousands of others.  Together, they prove that even in the most hostile of climates, there is still the potential for a grand spectacle:  A superbloom.

Superbloom is an unofficial term to describe an above average bloom of desert wildflowers.  They are impossible to predict, because they are reliant on an overabundance of rain, a scarce commodity in Death Valley.  Despite a 4-year long drought we have been experiencing in California, this year’s heavy winter rain proved sufficient to trigger a Superbloom.  When I traveled here with my friend Chris for a 2 day trip, I was amazed by what could survive here.  Check it out!